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Top Ten Developer Oppurtunities In Windows Vista

The the referred Link refers to Top ten Developer Oppurtunities in the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista.

I actually downloaded the file from Microsoft Site…but forgot to get the link….

If u wanna find the file from MS itself u can search it….else u can download it at my site…

Selected as Microsoft Student Champ.


There was actually a Student Champ Recruitement in here and i too decided to go for it.

Well the interview for selection was actually at the Regional Microsoft office at Chennai.

The office was simply cool..We some 20 students from our college had been there for the Interview. Then we were informed that we had a Group Discussion (which made me a bit nervous) and Technical Interview& Personal Interview. The last two interviews didnt really bother me as I talked as the usual way i did..(a bit teky talk indeed).

Then i left and moved to movie.

Today :

Today when i finished my dinner i got a call saying that me and my freind both had been selected as Student Champs.

I was really excited.

The group activities can be reached at

Windows Media Player 11.

All you geeks who wanna experiance the Windows Media Player 11 interface, check out this cool Skin created as an exact copy of the WMP 11 interface…

Blackcomb renamed to Vienna.

There are Rumours in the Web that the next version of Windows after Vista (BLACKCOMB) has been renamed to “Vienna”.

The first source was from Microsoft Developer Evangalist ,Robert Scoble in his Blog.

The source for the News article is below.

Tutorial For Acrylic Designer

for all u geeks who wanna start using Microsoft Acrylic Designer …..follow the link below…