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Beyond Microsoft Passport Is InfoCard

Microsoft Corp. is set to take another crack at creating a uniform way for people to log on to Web sites, conduct transactions, and prove their identities online.Code-named InfoCard, the project will be outlined by Microsoft executives at the RSA computer security conference. It reflects a change in approach for the company after its Passport initiative fell far short of the original goal of becoming a universal method of identification on the Internet.

Unlike Passport, the InfoCard project is meant to work with a variety of online identity providers, not just one. Microsoft hopes to persuade governmental agencies, banks, online services, and others to issue digital cards that people could use to establish different levels of identity for themselves at online sites.

Will soon post more about it .

Its Hot….Its New….Its even Cool…Its Vista 5308 February CTP..

For the past week i ave been very much awaiting for two thing to be Released….1.Office 2007 Beta1
2.Windows Vista February CTP

And if u wanna know the worth for the wait check out the links below…

The coolest Flip3d pict..

The inpack Games for Vista.. Built around the Sidebar…

SoundConfiguration which didnt work in the previous CTP..

The same new IE…

Network Center…

The Photo Gallery((((Thnx no PICASSA Again)))))

The Sidebar in action..

Gadgets in the Sidebar..

Themes built around Vista….

Automatic Defragmantation Tool…

Computer rating tool…

After all that its the welcome to explore the new platform …


I ll Soon post the review here…

Pleas check back again to ave the reviews…

Dont call Office 12 anymore…

Microsoft on Feb 16 mailed me that the next version of its Office product is named as Office2007….and the current Version of the Office Suite is in beta phase….the Beta Product is dubbed Office2007 Beta1….

The Pricing for the Office 2007 suite has also been given out….The pricing of Office 2007 Professional Edition is 499$ and Standard is 399$…..There are Student Version of the product aimed for studetns and Faculties which will cost at 149$.

As i was unable to access my computer for the past week..i ll download the Product today and post some Screenshots in my next post…

Happy Clicking…

Sony Delays PlayStation3 release to November.

The hype for Sony‘s PlayStation3 has been aroung for more than a year i hope. And still its being delayed. Sony reasons the delays in Blue-Ray copyright Protection had made the long wait. Still the Digital Rights Management(DRM) for Blue-Ray disk has not yet been finalised. And in the recent PS3 Conference sony had revelaed that its PS3 machine will by defualt contain a 60GB HDD and Linux OS. Don know why these guys stick to Linux. May be reduce the cost of the already hiked Also there are news that PS3 might not be 100% backward compatible as Xbox360 unlike the Xbox360 which plays almost all Xbox games perfectly.
Personally i feel that the Sony PS3 might not get the Market until the Blue-Ray Disc is made commonly available. It has already got a Blow in its PlayStationPortable(PSP) in which they tried thier properitry UMD Format disks which din make a big market. The same case might be with PS3 sporting Blue-Ray also. I think its not needed to beef it up so much on the configuration. The major leak for this being the Initial investment needed to Produce a Blue-Ray disk is much higher when compared in migrating to produce HD-DVD from DVD.

My Choice is an Xbox360.Whats urs?

A simple code that can Crash your Brand new Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2

Well follow the link with your new IE7 beta2 and u ll see that ur new IE7 ll actually crach following a DoS(Denial of Service).

If u see the code u ll jus see -(dashes)….and the approx. 344 dashes causes the crash in the urlmon.dll file.

Gmail hosting the Chat Feature in its web mail application itself.

All people using Gmail over the Web….

Have u noticed a seperate tab in ur gmail account saying ‘Chat’?????

Now we can save our Chat History from our Google Talk as a Gmail Message to the Chat tab….

Thats really cool and can be archived for later view.

If u want to have a preview of the feature in the Gmail Windows here goes the link for the picture.

Sneak preview Inside IE 7 Beta 2

Well the next major browser for internet Exploring has been put up for a Preview.

IE 7 beta 2 is out.

Check it out and download at

Well after workin with the new version for about an hour now the points to be quoted are…

1. There has been a whole new interface change from the traditional IE. Those who have used IE 7 beta1 will actually find the legacy icons replaced by fully alpha blended Vista like cool Icons.

2. The Tab content preview(Quick Tabs) has been added with beta2 which actually see the preview of all ur webpages opened at a single moment.Those who want to have a look at the Quick Tabs in action check out

3. The IE icon has itself undegone some aestheic change to it with a yellow ring around it unlike the blue ring.

4. There is zoom funtion control at the right bottom of the app (above sys tray) which lets u look the pages whose resolution is much higher than ur display.

5. The improved Favourite Center is also a new approach to combine the RSS,Favourites and the History tool in one place semantically.

6. The major upgrade is towards the Cached file usage when Viewed online again….This upgrade makes a tough

competition with Firefox 1.5. the pages viewed previously takes much less time to load than the previous versions do.



Keep Clicking.