Sneak preview Inside IE 7 Beta 2

Well the next major browser for internet Exploring has been put up for a Preview.

IE 7 beta 2 is out.

Check it out and download at

Well after workin with the new version for about an hour now the points to be quoted are…

1. There has been a whole new interface change from the traditional IE. Those who have used IE 7 beta1 will actually find the legacy icons replaced by fully alpha blended Vista like cool Icons.

2. The Tab content preview(Quick Tabs) has been added with beta2 which actually see the preview of all ur webpages opened at a single moment.Those who want to have a look at the Quick Tabs in action check out

3. The IE icon has itself undegone some aestheic change to it with a yellow ring around it unlike the blue ring.

4. There is zoom funtion control at the right bottom of the app (above sys tray) which lets u look the pages whose resolution is much higher than ur display.

5. The improved Favourite Center is also a new approach to combine the RSS,Favourites and the History tool in one place semantically.

6. The major upgrade is towards the Cached file usage when Viewed online again….This upgrade makes a tough

competition with Firefox 1.5. the pages viewed previously takes much less time to load than the previous versions do.



Keep Clicking.

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