Sony Delays PlayStation3 release to November.

The hype for Sony‘s PlayStation3 has been aroung for more than a year i hope. And still its being delayed. Sony reasons the delays in Blue-Ray copyright Protection had made the long wait. Still the Digital Rights Management(DRM) for Blue-Ray disk has not yet been finalised. And in the recent PS3 Conference sony had revelaed that its PS3 machine will by defualt contain a 60GB HDD and Linux OS. Don know why these guys stick to Linux. May be reduce the cost of the already hiked Also there are news that PS3 might not be 100% backward compatible as Xbox360 unlike the Xbox360 which plays almost all Xbox games perfectly.
Personally i feel that the Sony PS3 might not get the Market until the Blue-Ray Disc is made commonly available. It has already got a Blow in its PlayStationPortable(PSP) in which they tried thier properitry UMD Format disks which din make a big market. The same case might be with PS3 sporting Blue-Ray also. I think its not needed to beef it up so much on the configuration. The major leak for this being the Initial investment needed to Produce a Blue-Ray disk is much higher when compared in migrating to produce HD-DVD from DVD.

My Choice is an Xbox360.Whats urs?

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