The Origami Project

Last week, i saw a Strange page on the interent..

I was wondering wat it read and was telling…
And to add more of Confusion it said that the Details will be made on March 3..
From Then i had been searching for the Info..

Then i got a bit of Info on it, which i think ll be gr8 to put up here..

Heres wat my Conclusion on seeing it.

1. Its a Mini Tablet PC kind of Device
2. It has Portable Media Center in it.
3. It is portable Xbox 360.
4. Also has Wi-Fi and Internet Capabilites.((Includes Internet Explorer))
5. May the XP embedded Operating System is in it.
6. Has the Media Player 9 which can well play wma and mp3 files..
7. Should have a Storage media with around 40-60 GB of Space.
8. USB PC Connectivity ofcourse.
9. It is being Developed by Microsoft

You can Directly Reach the pictures from here.

Picture 1Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Will soon put up the brand video for it.

Put up More details if u know.

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