AOL to release YOUTUBE clone..

Well the bolg is not abt the heading which is posted..the heading say the news…

The Bolg is that when i was Reading abt this AOL Cloning You Tube..I came across these wonderful golden lines, which only a few of them utter..

…… seeing an increasing trend of the big guys simply copying what successful startups are doing. AOL with this product and AIM Pages. Google with Google Notebook and a flurry of other projects, etc. The only large company that is even experimenting with unproven concepts at this point is Microsoft with its various ideas. I’d like to see more experimenting at the big company level…..

WoW wat a word man…And the link for these Words adn news itself is..

Well if u Wonder wat makes Live more likable is..better experiment urself..See the image search man..Awesome..No words to say..

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