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Windows Vista and 2007 Office Boxes Revealed


The Boxes of the next version of Windows, Windows Vista and the next version of MS Office suite, 2007 Microsoft Office System Suite has been revealed.

Vista Ultimate Box      Office 2007 Box

Thanks to Engadget for the show off of the boxes. Quite slim and sexy boxes they are. The UI and the box are very much sleek and sexy. So is this called Out Of Box Experience ?.[:P]

WMP11 Released..Urge it now..

Yup, the next version of Windows Media Player [WMP11] which was up in Beta is out to public for download now.

Download WMP11

There has been a lot of releases from Microsoft this week and a lot more to follow up also. To name a few Internet Explorer 7, Windows Defender, Windows Media Player 11. Its very happy to see those Beta postfix notations getting cleaned up as a MS fan.

Here it comes..Internet Explorer 7 for XP and 2003 Server.

So no more criticism on delays.Here it goes teh Link to download Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. This is a big move in the Web Browser category since most of the Websites have actually remade their sites IE7 Compatibilty. This gives a big notion of how critical is IE7. So jus go ahead and Install.


Havent personally tried out IE7,since on Vista for over 4 Months.But this is a Must try for all you people out there.

YouTube might be named to Goo-Tube!!!

Yes..Google has bought YouTube for $1.65 billion..

This is yet another aquition by Google after Blogger, Writely,Orkut and the list is on..

With already a Video Service up with Google, wat will Google name YouTube as Goo-Tube?
These are some of the things that might happen to ***Tube…

  • UnlmiedBandwidth for Videos
  • Still more user accomodation
  • Cencorship rights will go to Google and will increse te revenue still more

Next Blog about 2007 Microsoft Office System Suite Beta. Watch out..