YouTube might be named to Goo-Tube!!!

Yes..Google has bought YouTube for $1.65 billion..

This is yet another aquition by Google after Blogger, Writely,Orkut and the list is on..

With already a Video Service up with Google, wat will Google name YouTube as Goo-Tube?
These are some of the things that might happen to ***Tube…

  • UnlmiedBandwidth for Videos
  • Still more user accomodation
  • Cencorship rights will go to Google and will increse te revenue still more

Next Blog about 2007 Microsoft Office System Suite Beta. Watch out..

  1. Sheesh. A google monopoly on video… I think that might be a good thing. Google so far has fended of the federal government on intrusion. They have refused to go along with NSA spy scandal and won’t give up search information. They won the case. The only search engine to challenge the government, and they won. I personally like google. They have better searches and more available choices than the others. They won’t let America be censored. To me this is a win-win situation.–>

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