Closing an open Handle

Often are the times that Windows throws you a ding on deleting a File or a Folder. Mostly the error message is kind of “Access Denied” or “Cannot Delete” or someother blah. I have got a lot of Complaints from my friends that the reason accounting to this as Windows getting Older. They were actually trying to say that D-Day for Windows is nearing. i.e Format C:[Return Key]. Well actually there are ways to tweak around these stuff and make it smooth. Though basically it needed the help of 3rd party Tools from SysInternals now its all under one roof as Microsoft bought Sysinternals.[Old news:)]

The Tool Process Explorer prooves of great help in getting Windows back to work smoothly. Whenever there is a Folder that would go undeletable open ProcessExplorer and Find ur Handle[in this case name of the Folder]. ProcessExplorer should be able to get you the right handle along with the Application that uses it. Now you can choose to close your handle and try Deleting the Folder or File.

    • Rajagopalan
    • March 31st, 2007

    A better way to make a resource handle to be relinquished will be to use the software called Unlocker. You can right click on a folder or a resource that you would like to unlock and get the list of handles associated with it. Then you can formulate a course of action depending upon the handle(s) associated with the resource. You can also see the comparisons between unlocker and other similar softwares.

    The link to this cool software is:


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