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Imagine Cup 2008

This post comes after disastrously forgetting to Submit my Imagine Cup 2007 Documents for Information Technology Invitational in spite of being through to the Round 2 and regretting about that for almost a month. Now that its all History I am delighted that the next year Imagine Cup Theme and Finals Venue have been put up on the Imagine Cup website.

Theme for Imagine Cup 2008 : “Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment.”

Registrations for Imagine Cup 2008 will Start in the Month of August.

Back to Dial-up !@#$%^&*()

Yes am back on dialup connection which is the only connectivity to internet as of now[March 18,2007- May 01,2007….]. Almost for the past 2 weeks I have been getting disconnected whenever I try to connect. Worst case is that even after my ADSL modem is connected [which is a probability of less than 1%] I just have the time of not more than 5 minutes to stay connected. Quickly my LAN and WAN lamps would go OFF. Being totally not able to connect for a day, I had to call up the Customer Complaint number of my Broadband provider. The provider stating that they have got 24 x 7 x 365 helpline didnt respond to the call which was made at 23:00 hrs. Even on picking the call after some 7 retries from my side the phone was hug up on the other side. So back to early methods of complaining it to the local exchange.

Within a COUPLE OF DAYS a technician came over to my place to check for the connectivity while only my mom and my sister were at home. Initially the technician had replaced my modem with a new one which he had brought to check for connectivity. Since I wasnt at home at this point of time i got a call from home saying that all the connection is very perfect. I was still wondering on how this would be so simple and asked the technician if he had tested with my modem. Yes, was in Negative. So he back again connected my Modem and checked for connectivity. Later he discovered through ipconfig that something was wrong with Subnet Mask field that wont allow me to get connected. But the actualy strategy was I was able to connect but only for a few miutes, after which  I would go disconnected. Still wondering how he would solve it, I got a 3rd call from my home again saying that he couldnt edit Internet Protocol Properties. So basically with all the permissions on my machine with which he has been working on now was on a Guest account.:P.

Now I had to risk my Admin account details so that he can work it out. Nothing much to worry on :), I told him the Credential. One more thing is that my provider supports DHCP so I dont have to worry on naming my IP to a certain range or address. The work around he did for getting connected was to type in a specific IP address and code in Gateway and DNS server. Luckily he got connectivity in some 10 minutes it seems and was connected for over 15 mins which I told is a probability of less than 1% previously. His Mission accomplished. Packed off and moved.

Back home, I had the same problem again. I got pushed to the extent of getting a ADSL modem from my friend to get connected. But still last night the same problem of getting connectivity happened. Though wasnt disconnected got the connection very late[after 40mins of trying].

Later this morning another technician followed by my second complaint checked my interet usage online[from my dialup] and said that “this modem has done too much of transfers, so might need replacement“.

Looking on the Brighter side :

  • Exams are ahead from May  5th, so doesnt matter a lot to me now.[Surcastic]

On the other Side:

On the whole coverage I wouldnt go wrong with Balakrishnan referring to my state as “BAD INTERNET MONTH”. Yup really a bad one to experience.

 PS : I really hate typing lenghty Blogs. This entry from my dialup connection should have given an idea of how I am disoriented.

Beta Tester Reward

Beta Tester Reward

If Windows Vista Beta Testers got a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, an Office 12 2007 beta tester got this.

Got a new Nikon Coolpix S8

Finally after the long wait, persuaded my dad to get a Digital Camera. And now its a New Nikon Coolpix S8 with 7.1 Megapixel and Sleek design.

Nikno S8

Effective Pixels -7.1 Million

Maximum Image Size -3072

Optical Zoom- 3x

Storage Memory – 14MB Internal and bought an Extra 1GB SD card

LCD Monitor – 2.5 ” TFT

Movie Mode – 640×480 @ 30fps


Microsoft Windows 98..Never to be Forgotten Stories..

I will never Forget the Windows 98 Operating System, even though Microsoft has dropped Supporting Windows 98 Officially. Microsoft, Officially from July 11th (Yesterday) has discontinued Support for Windows 98 SE. oops,will we get the Windows98 Compabilty Mode in Windows Vista??? or in the Windows 2003 SP2???or atleast in Windows XP SP3?

To see the Service Pack Road Map click aside

I Hate typing long Blogs. But am Truly Emotional to Windows 98 bcoz this(JULY 11,2006) has been an Emotional Date for me and to all those Oldtime 98 Users.Though no much security Features were built in Windows 98,it was one of the fastest OS made by Microsoft. It also had a Widespread Software Vendors to build Softwares that Run on Windows 98 which made it the most Popular OS too. Windows 98 had rescued me and my Data from my computer in more than 50 situations. Cases will be like i had crashed my OS manytimes and Win98 Bootup CD will come to the Rescue.

Here are some of the Cool things which made me addicted to use Windows 98 Often:::::

  1. The FDISK tool in the Windows 98 is an awesome tool and is the most frequently used tool by me.
  2. The install time for Windows 98 on my machine comes to nearly 20mins and 10mins for all the Driver Installation. So its the best chice for a Standby OS when i am in Struck in case of Data Retrieval.
  3. The Bootup CD of Windows98 has been the Coolest thing that can help u handy.
  4. Another supercool thing which impressed many users was the EBD aka Emergency Boot Disk which had all the tools in a Single Floppy disk to get ur Computer to Work.
  5. Once i had the Whole Windows 98 in my USB Drive which was the coolest thing ever i had experimented with Windows98. Plug it anywhere and Windows98 is up for you.((Forget the Driver problem))

As i told I Hate typing long Blogs, i ll end it up in here and will add more of my expereience with Windows 98 later whenever i get the same Issues again. But the drop of the support will not much affect bcoz the Big Brother WindowsXP supports all the applications that were meant for Windows 98. So we all can Still use the old applications until Vienna Comes into Action.

Do Comment on ur memorable experience with Windows 98.

I was Tagged by Abhinav.

On March 16 i was Tagged by Abhinav.

What is a TAG???

A tag is when a friend sends you some questions that you need to answer in your blog and then pass on the tag.

The tag that I got has the following instructions as mentioned in abhinav’s blog which he actually got from Sunil‘s Blog.Ofcourse didnt ave any Copyright issues.

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the person.
3. Tag 8 (or as many as possible) victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

So here are my points about my lover.

TARGET::: Female

good thinker
affectionate and lovable
open minded
must value others principles
have good humour

Only these arent jus enough to make out the Qualities of my perfect love.

And now..The people whom i am gonna Tag are….





Santhosh Jayamurugan

Bhaskar V





Dont call Office 12 anymore…

Microsoft on Feb 16 mailed me that the next version of its Office product is named as Office2007….and the current Version of the Office Suite is in beta phase….the Beta Product is dubbed Office2007 Beta1….

The Pricing for the Office 2007 suite has also been given out….The pricing of Office 2007 Professional Edition is 499$ and Standard is 399$…..There are Student Version of the product aimed for studetns and Faculties which will cost at 149$.

As i was unable to access my computer for the past week..i ll download the Product today and post some Screenshots in my next post…

Happy Clicking…