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The Messengers

Not a post about the Movie, The Messengers, its about the Instant messenger Applications. ๐Ÿ˜›

There has been many new changes and upgrades on Instant Messenger Applications. All the major IM vendors[Live, Gtalk Google Chat, Yahoo] now have new IM Applications for users.

Both Live and Yahoo have released products while Google is still sticking onto Cloud based developement, which again makes me think if Google could ever deliver any Desktop Product.

PS: Am still alive to Blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

Closing an open Handle

Often are the times that Windows throws you a ding on deleting a File or a Folder. Mostly the error message is kind of “Access Denied” or “Cannot Delete” or someother blah. I have got a lot of Complaints from my friends that the reason accounting to this as Windows getting Older. They were actually trying to say that D-Day for Windows is nearing. i.e Format C:[Return Key]. Well actually there are ways to tweak around these stuff and make it smooth. Though basically it needed the help of 3rd party Tools from SysInternals now its all under one roof as Microsoft bought Sysinternals.[Old news:)]

The Tool Process Explorer prooves of great help in getting Windows back to work smoothly. Whenever there is a Folder that would go undeletable open ProcessExplorer and Find ur Handle[in this case name of the Folder]. ProcessExplorer should be able to get you the right handle along with the Application that uses it. Now you can choose to close your handle and try Deleting the Folder or File.

Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

Yahoo Messenger For Windows Vista

The folks at Yahoo have really come up with a super cool WPF based Yahoo Messenger specially for Windows Vista. Saw this Video on and I was amazed at the cool looks of the new Messenger which runs completely over WPF. The app makes use of all the Vista exclusive components such as Glass in the Messenger Window, adding a Chat conversation to the Sidebar Gadget, and tabbing multiple conversations into a Single Window than cluttering the Desktop. Yahoo has now opened Signups for using the new Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista when its available.

Photosynth Technical Preview is out for public

Photosynth is a research project under the Live Labs of Microsoft and now released as Technical Preview to public.


Photosynth is a project which collects relative pictures of a location and renders it in 3D representation.
Try it out here

Windows Vista is going gold

Yes Windows has made to RTM today 8th November 2006. Though there were rumors about Vista making to RTM the news was confirmed from Jim Allchin from his team’s WindowsVistaBlog.


Video: Bill Gatesโ€™ Keynote Speech on Windows Vista Launch

Video: Windows Vista JimAllchin RTM Announcement

Source: Windows Vista Blog

Here it comes..Internet Explorer 7 for XP and 2003 Server.

So no more criticism on delays.Here it goes teh Link to download Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. This is a big move in the Web Browser category since most of the Websites have actually remade their sites IE7 Compatibilty. This gives a big notion of how critical is IE7. So jus go ahead and Install.


Havent personally tried out IE7,since on Vista for over 4 Months.But this is a Must try for all you people out there.

YouTube might be named to Goo-Tube!!!

Yes..Google has bought YouTube for $1.65 billion..

This is yet another aquition by Google after Blogger, Writely,Orkut and the list is on..

With already a Video Service up with Google, wat will Google name YouTube as Goo-Tube?
These are some of the things that might happen to ***Tube…

  • UnlmiedBandwidth for Videos
  • Still more user accomodation
  • Cencorship rights will go to Google and will increse te revenue still more

Next Blog about 2007 Microsoft Office System Suite Beta. Watch out..