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The Messengers

Not a post about the Movie, The Messengers, its about the Instant messenger Applications. 😛

There has been many new changes and upgrades on Instant Messenger Applications. All the major IM vendors[Live, Gtalk Google Chat, Yahoo] now have new IM Applications for users.

Both Live and Yahoo have released products while Google is still sticking onto Cloud based developement, which again makes me think if Google could ever deliver any Desktop Product.

PS: Am still alive to Blog. 🙂

Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

Yahoo Messenger For Windows Vista

The folks at Yahoo have really come up with a super cool WPF based Yahoo Messenger specially for Windows Vista. Saw this Video on and I was amazed at the cool looks of the new Messenger which runs completely over WPF. The app makes use of all the Vista exclusive components such as Glass in the Messenger Window, adding a Chat conversation to the Sidebar Gadget, and tabbing multiple conversations into a Single Window than cluttering the Desktop. Yahoo has now opened Signups for using the new Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista when its available.

Sony PS3 retail boxes out at shops.

Atlast Sony has made its Console ,Playstation3 for Sale. Thought that it will be a christmas surprise,but surprisingly they have made it for people so soon. Here are some pictures of the PS3 box unpacking.





Photosynth Technical Preview is out for public

Photosynth is a research project under the Live Labs of Microsoft and now released as Technical Preview to public.


Photosynth is a project which collects relative pictures of a location and renders it in 3D representation.
Try it out here

Games go Managed with XNA

With almost a week ahead to release the Microsoft XNA Framework which is primarily a Game Developement Platform over Managed Code, specs abt XNA are gettin hot. Recently went thro the XNA Blogs from MSDN to check out some details. The work that the XNA can do is supercool. Check out the words of Rico Mariani’s Performance Tidbits on why managed code is used for XNA.
Managed Code is not only gonna be adopted to Gaming dev platfrom but also to UI. More abt the UI performance with Managed code in nex blog.

The Origami Project

Last week, i saw a Strange page on the interent..

I was wondering wat it read and was telling…
And to add more of Confusion it said that the Details will be made on March 3..
From Then i had been searching for the Info..

Then i got a bit of Info on it, which i think ll be gr8 to put up here..

Heres wat my Conclusion on seeing it.

1. Its a Mini Tablet PC kind of Device
2. It has Portable Media Center in it.
3. It is portable Xbox 360.
4. Also has Wi-Fi and Internet Capabilites.((Includes Internet Explorer))
5. May the XP embedded Operating System is in it.
6. Has the Media Player 9 which can well play wma and mp3 files..
7. Should have a Storage media with around 40-60 GB of Space.
8. USB PC Connectivity ofcourse.
9. It is being Developed by Microsoft

You can Directly Reach the pictures from here.

Picture 1Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Will soon put up the brand video for it.

Put up More details if u know.

Sony Delays PlayStation3 release to November.

The hype for Sony‘s PlayStation3 has been aroung for more than a year i hope. And still its being delayed. Sony reasons the delays in Blue-Ray copyright Protection had made the long wait. Still the Digital Rights Management(DRM) for Blue-Ray disk has not yet been finalised. And in the recent PS3 Conference sony had revelaed that its PS3 machine will by defualt contain a 60GB HDD and Linux OS. Don know why these guys stick to Linux. May be reduce the cost of the already hiked Also there are news that PS3 might not be 100% backward compatible as Xbox360 unlike the Xbox360 which plays almost all Xbox games perfectly.
Personally i feel that the Sony PS3 might not get the Market until the Blue-Ray Disc is made commonly available. It has already got a Blow in its PlayStationPortable(PSP) in which they tried thier properitry UMD Format disks which din make a big market. The same case might be with PS3 sporting Blue-Ray also. I think its not needed to beef it up so much on the configuration. The major leak for this being the Initial investment needed to Produce a Blue-Ray disk is much higher when compared in migrating to produce HD-DVD from DVD.

My Choice is an Xbox360.Whats urs?